Shots Fired: Peanuts Club Put On Blast In Scathing Email From Calvin and Hobbes Club Presidents

HULLEY HOUSE, St. George Street, Lewisburg, PA – David vs. Goliath, Red Sox vs. Yankees, Legos vs. Megabloks; history has seen its fair share of bitter rivalries but we here at the Mucknellian believe we’ve uncovered the most volatile of them all. That’s right, we’re talking about the bitterly contested, but rarely mentioned duel between two of Bucknell’s most ferocious competitors: Calvin and Hobbes Club and the newly formed Peanuts Club.

Claiming the title of oldest and most crotchety club on campus, Calvin and Hobbes Club has run the party scene on St. George Street since its inception in 1518, one year after Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses and 329 years before Bucknell was even founded. How did they do it? You may be wondering. Well, we wish we knew too.

The email, which insider sources tell us was sent at 2 pm Thursday night, reportedly details the various scandals that the Peanuts Club had wished to keep secret. But, since we here at Mucknellian are known for our commitment to uncovering the truth when others shy away (*cough* Bucknellian *phlegmy cough*), we have exclusive access to the email in question.




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